Minister’s speeches

he-sh-abdallah-rahman-al-salmi-minister_002 His Excellency Sheikh Abdallah Bin Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Salmi
Current Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of Oman since 1997


Aïd Al Adha  2015  Muscat  Download
Launching ceremony of the Cambridge Inter-religious program 2015 Cambridge University Download
Shared values and religious policies  2014  Muscat Download
On environment, religion, facts and the challenges of the time and place.  2014  Doha Download
National Conference “Best Practices Community in Oman” 2014  Muscat Download
The jurisprudence in Ibadi  2013  Cracovie (Poland) Download
Impact of religion on strategic decision: Reflections on the Current Time 2013  Muscat  Download
Aïd Al Adha 2013  Muscat Download
Aïd al Fitr 2013  Muscat Download
Speech To mark the end of the mission of Professor Burkhard Rauhut at the German University of Technology in Oman 2013  Muscat Download
Graduation ceremony of the 26th promotion of the Faculty of State – Staff of the Armed Forces 2013 Muscat Download
Opening ceremony of the seminar “Aspirations of Youth in a Changing World” 2013 Muscat Download
Aid Al Adha 2012 Muscat Download
Aïd al Fitr 2012 Muscat Download
The Ibadi dialectic: Genesis, influence and Development 2012 University of Naples Download
Faith and good works: Vision To Open a New World 2011 Oxford University Download
Inter-religious Dialogue 2011 Cambridge University Download
Aïd Al Fitr 2011 Muscat Download
Graduation ceremony at the 24th promotion of the military academy 2011 Muscat Download
Opening ceremony at the Oxford Photos gallery 2011 Oxford Download
Aïd Al Fitr 2010 Muscat Download
Aïd al Fitr 2008 Muscat Download
Aïd Al Adha 2007 Muscat Download
Aïd al Fitr 2006 Muscat Download
Communication at the Guard Magazine during the celebration of the 36th anniversary of the National Day of Oman 2006 Muscat Download
The worldview in the Qur’an 2005 Chicago Download
Aid Al Adha 2005 Muscat Download
Humanism in Islamic civilization 2005 Cairo Download
Convergence of beliefs and experiences Aix-la-Chapelle, Germany Download
Aïd Al Adha Muscat Download
Speech to the Al Fiqh Council Muscat Download
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