Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque - Muscat

Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence

Oman’s message of Islam

An exhibition about Islamic life in a modern Arabian society.

As a seafaring nation Oman has been engaged for three millennia in intercultural exchange with peoples around the Indian Ocean, reaching as far as China. Freedom of religion is guaranteed in the Sultanate of Oman, where there has historically been mutual acceptance and understanding and a peaceful coexistence among its diverse religious communities.

The 24 panels in this exhibition present facets of a modern Arab country, and offers the visitor insights into the practice of Islam in daily life, an examination of contemporary Omani society and the role of women in society.

A catalogue is offered along with the exhibition which is to be distributed free to visitors.

Facsimile manuscripts, and a documentary film about religious tolerance in Oman, by the Grimme Prize winner Wolfgang Ettlich, round out the exhibition.